Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Final" progress after 4 weeks

I'm back home now and finally decided to upload my "final" animation that I got after 4 weeks, when I was in Viborg. If I watched it now after month or two then I can see that there are a lot of not so good things going on but that what I got. Like you can see I didn't got time to really finish and polish even my first part of dialogue, other half is still in blocking (I didn't expect to finish that anyway). Fingers and eyes are quite not done at all (eyes should be actually first thing to make those right :/) I also had to make few changes to my posing because blocking tricked me a bit, so I had more time than I planned for example after grabbing a chip from table so I had to wait more in the throwing position and etc. It's kind of tricky to really time your scene with blocking I think, at least when you are beginner.
I still want to finish it up some day but will see, when it happens then I let you know.