Tuesday, May 20, 2008


This humble virtual place is a little reflection of my final project wip in character animation course witch takes place in Denmark at Animation Workshop school. I've been here for about 2 months and now we have 4 weeks to finish 20-30 second polished animation. It was up to us what we wanna do and I decided to go for dialog from "Bad santa" movie. I liked it because there was also nice part to do some physical action and also room for dialog. It is bit longer than I would like to and I'm not maybe able to finish it in 4 weeks, but it's ok :) (can finish it later).

Dialog goes like this:

Willie: "For christ's sake, make a move and stick with it, would you?"
The Kid: "King me."
Willie: "Son of a bitch! You lousy, cheating little bleep! You're bleeping with me! You did that on purpose. You sit there and you play like the bleeping dead lice are falling off of you, and then suddenly, you're like Seabisbuit all over the bleep damn place. You're a smartass, is what you are, kid."
The Kid: "Wanna play again?"

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