Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rough blocking

After I set up my scene in Maya I started to plan out my acting (I used referenced models for characters to be able quickly unload second character, because it slows down Maya quite a lot).

I did some thumbnails but I don't feel myself that comfortably with drawing so for me is little bit easier to get poses from video reference or just playing around in 3d with my puppet (but I'm trying to get more into drawing).

A lot of other fellow students did cinematic in flash for they scenes, but like I said for me its easier to do rough blocking in 3d and get the fool of my shot instead of drawing. Another advantage to do like this for me is that, I can immediately deal with real objects and space, I can figure out my steps , table size, chair heights and then position my cameras for best compositions. If u do it in flash then its kind of half way planning and you need to change a lot in 3d I think. Of course it's matter of preference and what works for you, to make quick cinematic in 2d is definitely good thing to do if you feel like :) I also did a little reference video for throwing action to see how and when different body parts moves (what comes first and what follows etc).

This is how my first rough pass looks like so far. I haven't done my dialog part yet but I probably need to concentrate more on that first freak out part and physical stuff there if I want to finish something :)

After this I finish this rough blocking then I start polish my poses and try to add transitions and holds.

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